About Judith Evenaar

Judith Evenaar - Truffelgaard

Judith Evenaar – Owner Truffle Orchard

Judith Evenaar has been involved in the growth, sales and marketing of edible mushrooms over 15 years. She initiated a Wild Food Harvesting Slow Food Group in 2002. Initially, she specialized in the cultivation of wood degrading edible mushrooms such as Shiitake and Pleurotus using wood logs and substrate. However, inspired by the pleasure of real good quality food, the role of forest in climate change and the sheer beauty of forest, she is convinced the path forward is a combination of conservation of forests as well as the valorization of its rich biodiversity, and especially of edible mushrooms. Since 2012 she works as a truffle grower in her own truffle orchard. She works on the development of a sustainable truffle chain to introduce a Dutch truffle for the local market. She is actively disseminating her knowledge on setting up a truffle growing business both in the Netherlands as well as actively participating in development of a sustainable truffle chain in Morocco. She graduated as a Food Engineer at the Wageningen University and has a background in Bioprocess -engineering and Microbiology.